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To Tow Or Not To Tow

At some point in your life you might be faced with the question, do I need a tow truck? Your second thought might be do I want to spend a lot of money? So then on the side of the road you try and think of ways to save. Do you call buddy with his pick up? You will probably save a penny but consider the possible consequences. The vehicles of today are made differently, so buddy better know where on your vehicle he is hooking to or that cheap pull out might just get expensive.

If the problem is a break down and you get pulled behind another vehicle (called flat towing) you should consider how much you like your transmission, because you could damage it. Also in most areas flat towing is illegal, while proper lighting, safety chains and gear are also needed.

The Elements

Typically when a trained tow operator arrives at the scene he/she will get you out of the weather and harm’s way, while assessing the situation and taking care of your vehicle.

Proper hook up tools, safety lighting, visible clothing, proper insurance and trained operators that know the limit of equipment and has the right truck for the job, could save you a lot of time, money and make life a little easier in a stressful situation.

Your Life!

This is a BIGGY. When you’re being helped by a buddy by getting your vehicle towed on that dark snowy night throwing caution to the wind, freezing your buns off, not knowing if your car will ever be the same, risking your life and not really knowing what your doing, that initial thought might come back to you, but now your thinking you should have called a tow truck.

So my thought is, don’t have that second thought. Leave the towing to the certified professionals, and if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance give us a call, it just might save your life.

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